who AM i REALLY tho??!

hey gang - I am doing the thing I have resisted doing for years and years and years - attempting to 'define' myself in some words, and prob some pictures as well.

yeah, who'm I kidding, there'll DEF be pictures - I am a photo-nerd, documenting almost every detail of my life, though typically never sharing that documentation. so maybe it's time to do that sharing thing? but how much are you really ready for?? be careful what you wish for... hehhehehe haaaahahaha. (that laugh was a lil evil, but mostly not.) for now though, I'll just give you some words in an attempt to wrap myself up in them, or wrap them up in me... or something. this space will include an ongoing attempt to do that, a stream of consciousness per se. ENJOY!! and share your thoughts, concerns, impressions, angry retorts (pls no, but yes, do), musings, waxings and wanings poetic.

To break it down: BIKES. BABES. BEVERAGES and SNAX. all wrapped up in a BIG GREEN eco/sustainability/enviro BOW. (I've tried for years to come up with a way to alliterate that snax part but it just hasn't come to me.)

BIKES. they are my life. they permeate every aspect of my life. they are always there, and a part of everything else that I do, be it my passions or the simply mundanity of life - bikes are there. TWO WHEELS FOREVER

BABES. aka BAES aka those who identify as woman, fem, not men. ie. FEMINISM - that is really what this is about. it is about the deep and bottomless well of my unending passion to draw attention to that which has been askew since almost forever, the gendered power imbalance, in an effort to help create a human world in which all beings may live unhindered by oppression, violence, human rights abuse, harassment, suffering solely based on their gender. until we reach that achievable goal, I WILL RAGE towards it.

BEVERAGES and SNAX. this could be easily wrapped up by calling me what is a most popular description (the F word, starts 'foo' and ends in 'die') but for me it is much more than just liking food and drink. it is about local. it is about people. it is about farming. it is about ecosystems. it is about love and connection and simple pleasures enriching lives. it is about a perfectly perfect tomato picked ripe from the field, still warm with the sun, eaten there like an apple would be - a very messy apple, mind you) and the absolute sheer bliss and simplicity of that experience. it is about a modest yet delicious red wine sipped between bites of salty crumbly Reggiano. add some olive oil, coarse salt, maybe some fresh basil into the mix and those things together become absolute divinity. if this sounds like crazy talk to you, join me for a trip to the farm market, or a trip to the Okanagan, and for the lunch built of the bounty. then you will understand. HONESTLY though, connect people to their food, to the source of their food, to the people who grow and prepare their food, and they will care more about humans, themselves and others, and their planet. they will also REALLY love eating good food, simply. and that is a win for all involved.

BIG GREEN BOW. take care of yourself. take care of those around you. take care of the space around you. macro is micro. micro is macro. don't shit where you eat. take responsibility. be responsible. be accountable. try to do good, and leave a place in better shape than you found it, energetically and physically speaking. 







keep it simple