Resilient Recovery: case o the mondays


Resilient Recovery: case o the mondays


Taylor Phinney salutes you (and your choice to do it cuz it feels good - the yoga, we mean the yoga)

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case o the Mondays, but BETTER!


RESILIENT RECOVERY: you work and train and train and work and get stronger and stronger and faster and stronger and... tired and stiff! Work some EASE, space and COMFORT into your training schedule. Bring suppleness into your structure to foster resiliency and ward off injury by supporting your body with a practice that will help it to bend and not break when you push it to its limits. 

Yeah you guessed it, we are talking YOGA.

YES, YOGA. Call it whatever you like, but we guarantee it will bring relief to your recovery and strength to your core - and more power to your output.

With strong & steady attention to alignment, we will focus on the big stuff - quads, glutes, hammys, hips - and the stuff we tend to forget - feet, shoulders, neck, chest - and last but certainly not least, the stuff we know we should do but rarely seem to - CORE STRENGTH and posture - for an all-over wringing out and reset. The postures and practice in these sessions will, over time, build new habits that foster improved proprioception (fancy word for body awareness) and - here's this word again - resiliency!!