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shammy tawk (translation: we will talk about chamois' +++) *Spring '18*

saddles, butts, butts on saddles, saddle sores, sore butts, sensitive lady parts, chamois cream, butt butter, chafing, hair removal, hair not-removal, to shave or not to shave, bike fit, body position, bars, levers, pedals, shoes, cadence, comfort - all of that stuff is important when it comes to how you're feeling on your chamois ie. while you're riding your bike

let's get together and chat frankly about all of the above, in a space where you can feel comfortable to air out any grievances you've been harbouring wrt how your bottom end is feeling before during and after your rides.

we'll also have lots of helpful tips, and suggested products to try that can possibly even alleviate your discomforts, as well as how to best treat & heal those 'grievances' on the bottom end of things.

leave us a comment below if you're having trouble with any of the unmentionables mentioned above, you'll be surprised at how many others are suffering the same way that you are - it helps to share your struggles!


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MECH NITE: BIKE LOVE - it's a two way street *Winter/Spring '18*

exact date TBA - watch here and on our social media feeds (links at bottom of page) for schedule announcements

fixing those flat times and tackling light duty repair & maintenance

you know how it is - you love your bike, your bike loves you. it takes you places, brings you joy, feeds your soul, washes away the blues, and makes you a better person. and you, well, you give it a home and a purpose and you take really really good care of it - ooh wait, what??
perhaps maybe you could take better care of it than you do. but you *want* to take better care of it, right? you know that you could do better, and it, in return would reciprocate by carrying your worldly body safely to the far reaches of your biosphere, or let's be honest, sometimes just over to the neighbourhood ice cream parlour, but THAT IS STILL IMPORTANT! 
perhaps maybe you feel like you don't have the tools, both literally and figuratively, to properly fulfill your end of the bargain? well LOOK NO FURTHER - we have a solution to get you on the path to a healthy balanced relationship with your steed! JOIN US for an evening full of straight up no BS tips, tricks & how to's to get you on your way to feeling confident & self sufficient enough to tackle a drive train tweak, brake pad replacement, and flat tire fix, among other things.

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