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Road Skills & Bike Handling Clinic: safe & FAST descending, stopping, turning and some NO-HANDS shenanigans,

  • Spanish Bank West Parking Lot B (map)

Hop the curb!
Rail the turn!
Ride the gravel!
Nail the NO-HANDS!

Handle that bike like the proper dream that it is, regardless of what the road throws at you - or, for that matter, other cyclists, be they passing you closely, or in your group and riding erratically. Learn to stay safe, avoid interference with those around you and keep it upright in variable conditions, situations of sudden obstacle or other unpredictable surprises that may arise.

We'll work through some assessment drills to gauge comfort levels and current capabilities then come up with focused tasks for everyone to work where they're at.
This week we'll dig deep into the NO-HANDS SHENANIGANS, going all out fast downhill, and how to quickly brake with control on both smooth and unstable surfaces - yes, that means skidding to a stop and yes, that means more gravel!

Time permitting we'll go into a quick refresher and practice on bunny hops - go higher, with confidence!